AngelLift Microfibre PH
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AngelLift Microfibre PH

AngelLift Microfibre PH


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Product details

Microfibre pH is a cleansing towelette that removes make-up, oil and dirt without harmful or drying substances known to cause pre-mature aging such as alcohol, soaps, or acids. It also removes dead skin cells, cleans your face and helps reduce pore size.

Microfibre pH is a cotton microfibre towelette compressed to a tablet, a fraction of the normal size. Once the tablet is moistened, it expands to over 100 times its size.

A box of AngelLift Microfibre pH contains 16 compressed sterile tablets, each in its own hermetically sealed pouch.

How to use

To activate your Microfibre pH, simply remove a tablet from its pouch and drop into a small amount of water (or run it gently under running water). Within seconds, the tablet will start to expand.

Gently shake the towelette as it expands to its full size. Now its ready to gently clean your face.

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